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I don't know about any of you, but I'm getting the EWC itch. There's only one way to cure this..and that's through EWC Chat therapy. *nod nod nod*.

So...we're setting one up! yep yep yep!

You can find all the details in the chat section of the EWC website. It's under "Interact" if you get lost.


The date: 20 August 2004. This would be a friday.
The Time: The time is still being negotiated. But it'll most probably be 9-ish Eastern Time. But the chat will stay open until the last person leaves.

Chat Details

Since AIM is so widely used, this will be the chat program of choice. If you don't have it, you can download it for FREE at:

If you don't want to download AIM, AIM also offers AIMExpress as an alternative. But you will need to register a screename to use it. All the details can be found at the aol website.

Now, there are two ways you can get in to the chat. ONE is to comment this post OR AIM me at toasted vegemite with your S/N so that when the time comes, I'll invite you in to the chat.


TWO, follow the instructions to how to invite yourself in to the chat as instructed on the EWC chat page. Easy right? It sure is!

If you're going to try your luck with the 2nd option, the chatroom name is EWC CHAT. Simple!

The rules!

Yes, we have rules! Please pretty please with a dreamy Josh on top...observe the rules! They're not hard. They're there to ensure that we stay on topic and everyone has fun.

Need Help?

OK, if you need any help whatsoever...doesn't matter what it may be.... small or large, i'm sure we can sort it out. But yes, if you have any can reach me via:

AIM S/N: toasted vegemite


you can reply to this post with any Q's.

I think that about covers it. I'll see you all at the chat!

NOTE: As I don't have a few people on my list who I KNOW would love to come and chat, PLEASE pass this post on. I'm leaving it unlocked for those who need the info. :)

Spankeroonie folks!
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YAAAAAAY!!!!!! Chat!!!!! YAAAAY!!!!!
*special ed*

Oh well...mine was more of a drunken...type of Mmm. Karl Urban! Yay!
Here's Orlando for you....

You're welcome. Here's another one....
why do you tease me so?
EWC chat! SCORE!

*clears schedule*
I'll be on my cell phone but I work tonight. I'll be signed on but I'll be IMing you or someone for the details.