Denise's Journo! (vegemite_addict) wrote,
Denise's Journo!

A child at heart

I seriously feel like a child.

Get this...this will be the first year since...forever, that I'm gonna be surprised for Christmas. Meaning, this is the first year that I hadn't asked for anything specific from Dean or my parents. Hence the "surprise".

Since I'm earning my own dolleros on my own now, and there really isn't anything I'm eyeing lately... so, I said I wanted to be "surprised".


I know they've already gotten it. I see it under the tree. It's calling my name. I want to shake it or even that a peek in between the sticky tape. :(

My mum's told me to stay away from the tree until Christmas! But I told her the guessing and the constant pestering is only half the fun.

GUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH!! I can't take this anymore!!

I remembered why I don't deal well with surprises. I'm way too impatient.
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care to be my new lj friend? uniq_charmer recommended you to me. (:
awww. how can I say no to " (: " ?? LOL.

hehe, thanks! <3

btw, would you mind doing this for me? thanks in advance! :D
Heeeya! It's Ryan here, aka Radamsy85 - I've somehow managed to lock myself out of my Journal (*sighs* I'll get over it... someday! This experience has made me stronger! LOL... why was I born so melodramatic!?) and as you were on my friends list, I felt obliged to make you aware of this my new Journal. (whether you like it or not! lol)
love; ryan. x
AWW HEY RYAN! I was wonderig where you went! :-* adding you for sho' hon! :)
can i be a friend?!? i took the liberty of adding you anyway LOL. add me back? please. *smiles*

im a LJ friend of your cousin, clarissa. does that help? lol
LOL sure thing chica

I was looking through the members of backstreetboys when I saw your icon. I just *had* to tell you how awesome it is. I've said several times how much Kevin and Snoop Dogg look alike (minus skin color, of course) . . . especially when he had cornrows at the Black & Blue concert I went to. I love the other icons too, of course, but I actually LOLed when I saw the twins icon. :o)
LMFAO! Yeah, it's been a long standing joke around. At first I was like, "Uh, maybe it's just me who thinks this.." and then I read a thread from and then I found out it just wasn't me. LMAO. turns out Nick and AJ have pointed out this fact a few times too. LMAO. it's just nice to know. hahaha.