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dialup sucks

while I'm waiting for these zootopia and Kiss pics, I'll update.

YAY! I can parallel/reverse park! Though, it's a hit/miss with me. Erks!

Just for all the EWC lovers out all should join the EWC EZ BOARD! Coz it's cool and all that jazz!

My tooth isn't so bad anymore. It hurt like wow yesterday, though. :(
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Y'know...we should create an EWC LJ...

Seems like everyone's on LJ anyways...
I KNOW! we should. but we're roadtesting the EZ Board again. we'll see how that goes, if not...then we'll see about the LJ comm. I guess. :) I miss the YBY list though. don't you?
Yes...I do. Lots.

Grr. Stupid people not posting!
i've been driving almost 2 years now... and I STILL can't parallel/reverse park (or drive PROPERLY) yet! ha! so congrats! *claps* lol
nice to meet ya, *shakes hands* hope to be buds! :o) where are you from? ry x
awww. thanks hon. lol.

nice to meet you too. lol.

I'm just right around the corner....Sydney, Australia. ;)
okay, i don't know why i just realized you had a journal. but i'm adding you! :) oh and this is Tasha! lol

and yes, y'all have made me a EWC addict! and i will be joining the message board. an addict needs to feed her addiction after all.
WOOT! another addict!! welcome to the family!! :)