Denise's Journo! (vegemite_addict) wrote,
Denise's Journo!

-Friends Only-

It was bound to happen. I've found that keeping this journal is somewhat therapeutic so i do mention a lot of shit on here. Sometimes it's shit I want people to see, sometimes...not so much.

Comment to be added. :)

<3 Denise.

P.S. If you were on my list before, not to worry... you're still friended. Unless, you know...I hate you or something. kidding.
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Hayden wants to be added! Love ya lots Den!!!
psssh. as if I wouldn't add YOU of all people! lol.
I'd like to be added. I added you before because I enjoyed reading your thoughts. But if you don't add me. I understand. But I would like to be added so I can continue to read more..
aww. thanks. I'll add you. :)
ooo, add me? :)

P.S. Cojo loves her Den lots!! <33333333
gah! you used the pastor tim icon! duh! of course you're added. lol

im assuming im already on ur list! But ill comment anyway!! <3
uh huh. and you'll stay on it too!! damn. I gotta ressurect my calvin and hobbes icons now. lol

Pleaaase don't remove me. Or... Add me back? ?(:|) Haha.
aww. i've never seen a red rubber ducky before. lol. duh! of course you're added. ;)

Commenting cause I am a goober like that, and I luffs me some Denise! =D
<3 hiya goober. uungh! I miss you. we gotta talk again, soon!
<3 *grins and waves like a dork* I miss you too! We do need to talk again, and I should be online late tonight.

Deleted comment

do I know you?
just adding you. i can;t believe i found an austrlian ewc reader is all.
no way!!! you too?? damn! we gotta talk! lol
i am your friend =)
hehehehe.. ahhh fudge, i'm in a crazy mood denise! hey how's black eyed peas shopping for clothes coming along? we really need to go shopping.. well i'll window shop... =)
god, you are my cousin. you're too weird not to be. hahahahhaa.

looks like I'mma have to window shop too. lol